ETIAS for Spain

From 2022, the ETIAS visa waiver for Spain will become a requirement for citizens (of eligible countries) traveling to this European country. The online application will be straightforward and hassle-free. Once approved, the ETIAS for Spain will be sent by email.

ETIAS is not a visa. It is intended to make travelling to the Schengen Area safer. Applicants will be screened during the application process and it will allow potential threats will be identified.

ETIAS visa waivers for Spain will be valid for three years and will allow visitors to enter the Schengen Area for periods of up to 90 days. To complete the ETIAS application for Spain, travellers will need to meet the visa waiver requirements and pay the ETIAS fee using a credit or debit card.

Spain: EU and Schengen Area member

etias spainSpain is the second-largest country in Western Europe and has a population of around 46 million. Though Spanish is the main language, other official languages include Catalan, Basque, and Galician.

It is one of the founding members of the European Union (EU) as well as a Schengen member state. It offers visitors an irresistible package of sun, golden beaches, great food, and fascinating cultural sites. After France, it is the second most visited country in the EU.

ETIAS Spain online application

The online application for an ETIAS to Spain will include a range of questions. Applicants will need to enter information such as their name, address, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans. There will also be some questions concerning health and security.

Applicants will need to pay a fee using a credit or debit card to submit the application. Approved ETIAS will be sent by email. Travellers will be able to gain entry by presenting their ETIAS for Spain at the border.

Passport requirements for Spanish ETIAS

To apply for ETIAS, applicants will need to meet the basic ETIAS requirements and a valid passport from one of the eligible countries. At the moment there are 60 eligible countries on the list though more may be added in the future.

ETIAS visa waivers will no longer be valid if the holder’s passport expires. It will necessary to reapply for a new visa waiver in these cases. People with two passports will need to use the same document to apply for ETIAS and to enter Spain.

Travel information about Spain

Spain has been a popular tourist destination for northern Europeans for decades and its reputation continues to grow. Though Spain is associated with its golden coastlines, it is a large country which varies greatly, in terms of culture, weather, and scenery.

It is the second most mountainous country in Western Europe. With stunning mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa, it is fantastic destination for outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking.

Barcelona is Spain’s most visited city. Many tourists go there to see the out-of-this-world architecture of Gaudi as well as the city’s art galleries, restaurants, and museums. Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, and Granada also have their unique charms.

As well as tourism, ETIAS will allow people to visit Spain for business purposes, meaning that visitors will not need to acquire a Spanish business visa. Once in the Schengen Area, travellers can move freely between the participating countries. This means that there is no need to obtain a Spanish transit visa to pass through Spain from another Schengen country.