ETIAS for The Netherlands

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System or ETIAS is a new visa waiver program that is meant to strengthen the borders of the Schengen Zone. It is set to come into place in 2022.

This means many of the non-EU citizens that are currently allowed to visit Europe visa-free will need an ETIAS visa waiver for the Netherlands and the rest of the Schengen countries.

Not to be confused with a standard travel visa, the ETIAS screens all applicants prior to their visit to the Netherlands. Once visitors are approved they are able to move freely throughout the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days.

However, as of 2022, there will be an added security measure. It is important to know that this is the same for all EU countries found within the Schengen Area.

The Netherlands, the EU, and the Schengen Area

etias netherlands

Located in Northwestern Europe, The Netherlands is a flat land that is made up of canals and tulip fields. Other popular symbols of the Netherlands include bicycles and windmills. The official language is Dutch, though many people speak English. The currency is the euro. Amsterdam is the capital city and is a popular destination for tourists.

The Netherlands is one of the original countries that first made the EU in 1958. Almost 40 years late it joined the Schengen Area in 1995. The Schengen Area is made up of 26 countries. The purpose of this area is to function as one jurisdiction for international travel.

Once the area is entered, a visitor can travel around without hard borders or additional passport controls. As a part of the Schengen Zone, tourists who have a Dutch ETIAS can travel around the Netherlands and to any of the other Schengen countries.

Who needs ETIAS to travel to the Netherlands?

There are over 60 countries that are required to apply for an ETIAS if they wish to travel throughout Europe. Many of these citizens currently do not need any visa or waiver to enter the EU.

However, once the system is in place, citizens of non-EU countries will have to apply for ETIAS Netherlands before they travel to the Netherlands or any of the other Schengen countries.

Once applicants are deemed non-threatening, they are able to travel within the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days. The ETIAS allows people to visit the countries found within the Schengen Zone for tourist, business, medical, and transit purposes.

Passport and document requirements for a Netherlands ETIAS

To apply for a Netherlands ETIAS the following is needed from each applicant:

  • A valid biometric passport
    •  Number
    • Issue and expiry dates
    • Nationality
  • Brief medical history
  • Education and work experience
  • Previous visits to war zones (if any)
  • Criminal record (if applicable)
  • Prior countries one was deported or rejected from (if any)


Those with family members who are EU citizens will have to submit proof of relationship, residence card, and/or other background details. Minors are required to have a guardian complete an application for them.

How can I apply for a Netherlands ETIAS?

The ETIAS application is a simple process that is accessible from home. Thus, there is no time wasted making appointments or waiting in long lines at a local embassy or consulate.

Once the ETIAS requirements for the Netherlands are met, the application process begins. This takes approximately 10 minutes and is done completely online. Expect to answer the following to complete the application:

  • Biometric information
    • First and last names
    • Last name at birth
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Current address
  • Email address and phone number
  • The name of the first EU country that will be visited
  • A credit or debit card for the application fee

Travel information about the Netherlands

The Netherlands is rich in culture and history. Visitors enjoy the vast tulip fields and cycle trails. Windmill-dotted countryside and canals also make up most of the country.

Its capital city, Amsterdam, offers a wide variety of things to do. Tourists can take in the architecture from a boat on the canal. Or, if one is keen to learn about history, the Anne Frank House is a possible option.

Artists can choose from the Van Gough Museum, Banksy exhibit or the works of Rembrandt found in the palaces along the canal. Partiers will find no shortage of bars and clubs available. While those wanting to relax can stroll through one of the green parks or sip coffee at an outdoor cafe.