ETIAS Requirements for Chilean Citizens

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System. This new visa waiver will be an entry requirement for Europe.

In 2022, Chileans must apply online to get an ETIAS to visit the Schengen Area.

ETIAS is not a visa. It is an electronic travel permit that nationals from Chile are eligible to obtain to travel to Europe.

Do Chilean Travelers Need a Visa for Europe?

At this time, holders of a Chilean passport do not need the Schengen visa to enter Europe.

Chileans can visit Europe with a valid passport and stay for up to 90 days without a visa.

However, in 2022, Chilean citizens must have an approved ETIAS travel permit to enter Schengen countries.

The system will contribute to smoother migration control and securing the Schengen zone’s shared borders.

Are Chilean Citizens Eligible to Apply for ETIAS Visa Waiver?

Yes, Chilean citizens are eligible to apply for the ETIAS visa waiver.

The European Union is developing the ETIAS system with the help of the European Agency eu-LISA.

After its official implementation, travelers from over 60 countries can register online to get their authorization.

An approved ETIAS grants a stay of 90 days within a 180-day period in Schengen territories.

The authorization can be used for tourism, business, transit, and medical purposes.

The ETIAS Application Process for Chilean Citizens

The ETIAS application for Chilean citizens is easy and quick. Applicants can fill out the online form from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Travelers should provide the following:

  • Full name, date of birth, and place of birth
  • Passport number, issuing, and expiration date
  • Contact information: email, phone number, and address

All applicants have to answer questions about their health, criminal record, and previous trips to conflict areas.

After checking that all information is correct and paying the visa waiver fee, the applicant can submit their form.

What Documents Do Chileans Need to Obtain ETIAS?

The main document to get an ETIAS is a valid Chilean passport. Besides the passport, they need a debit or credit card to pay for their visa waiver.

The passport should be valid beyond the expected date of departure from the Schengen Area.

An approved ETIAS is electronically linked to the travelers’ passport. Upon arrival in Europe, Chileans should simply present their travel document at immigration control.

Why do I need an email to apply for ETIAS?

An email is required to receive notifications about the status of an application.

Applicants should use a valid email address to make sure they receive all necessary information and updates.

Do Chilean children need ETIAS?

Yes, minors must also have an approved ETIAS to visit Europe from Chile. Parents or legal guardians can complete the application on behalf of their child.

In the form, they’ll be able to specify that they are submitting the form for their minor.

The child must have a passport to enter the Schengen Area.

How Long Does It Take to Get ETIAS From Chile?

The screening process is completely automated. However, all travelers are advised to apply at least 72 hours before their trip in case their application needs a manual screening.

The ETIAS Central Unit staff conducts all manual screenings, and these take more time. To avoid travel issues, it is best to apply ahead of the departure date.

Approval of ETIAS

Once the application has been submitted, the system will screen the individual’s details using security databases.

Applicants receive an email notification with the status of their ETIAS application.

A large number of applications are approved quickly. Some applications may require manual checks.

Can my application be denied?

In the rare case that an ETIAS is denied, the system’s central unit will send them an explanation. If this happens, the applicant has the right to appeal. They will likely need to send a few supporting documents.

Chilean citizens must meet the ETIAS requirements before starting the application process.